Digital Giving and Cryptocurrency

How charities can engage with donors in new and innovative ways
(Crypto Currencies and Blockchain)

Chaired by Darshita Gillies, Founder & CEO, Maanch
Edward Thomas, Partnerships Manager for the Enterprise Development Programme, Oxfam
Greg Davies, Head of Behavioural Science, Oxford Risk
Hugo McDonaugh, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Perpetual Altruism Ltd, the company behind the Cryptograph, GBM and myNFT.

As the biggest cryptocurrencies flirt with record high values, they are potentially becoming a bigger sources of revenue for charities. However, the number of charities accepting the virtual currencies, known for their volatility, remains limited.

Cryptocurrencies may be an attractive asset to donate because they allow donors to bypass the capital gains tax. Donors would be subject to that tax if they convert the virtual currency into cash before giving it away, which means less money could go to their selected charity.

This session explores the current state of crypto currency world and how charities are adapting to digital donations.
Digital Giving and Cryptocurrency
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