Meeting Changing Client Expectations

A shift is happening in the private client professional advisory world, and it is happening at an increasing pace. A recent article from the Financial Post highlights that over the next decade, an estimated $30 trillion in wealth will exchange from the hands of Baby Boomers to the next generations (women of wealth, millennials and gen Z).  

Increasing research evidence, and the anecdotal experience of those within the Philanthropy Impact network, is showing this new generation of wealth holders have different needs and expectations of their trusted advisors and require a different approach.  This new client focus on purpose, values and instant digital access is proving to be a cause for concern for professional advisory firms, as it requires a move away from transactional approach to a relationship approach, with clients at the centre.

In this webinar our CEO John Pepin is joined by Rowan Jackson, Chairman, Promising Outcomes, Stephen Wall, Founder, The Wealth Mosaic, Ajit Dayal, Founder, Quantum Asset Management Company to discuss how engaging this new generations of client means understanding their values, expectations, and the importance on delivering on these expectations, and measuring the effectiveness of the firm on meeting them.

This 30minute conversation is interesting to anyone working with (U)HNWI, who want to remain a trusted partner in their wealth stewardship right, and importantly their donor and impact investment journeys. We will highlight solutions to this issue and where to seek support.
Meeting Changing Client Expectations
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