Money For Good - Value Driven Wealth Management

The most recent research reinforces the need for a values-based purpose-driven wealth management business, and that to be customer-centric it is essential for private client wealth advisors:

• Fidelity Charitable Research - firms that offer charitable planning had 6X the median assets of those that do not offer charitable planning, 3X organic growth, and 1.3X new money; as well higher net promotor scores, and higher trust levels.

• Investing for Global Good A Power for Good 2022 (Camden Wealth Limited) - research indicated for older generations there is a growing demand for and satisfaction in impact investing and that investors are seeking better services from wealth advisors. 

Listen as our CEO John Pepin talks to our members Ceris Gardner, Maurice Turnor Gardner LLP, Jamie Broderick, Impact Investment Institute and Sean Kiernan, Greengage about how firms can increase business and deepen client relationships with values based wealth management across all asset classes.
Money For Good - Value Driven Wealth Management
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