Social Investment in The Spectrum of Capital

Chaired by Bonnie Chiu, Managing Director, The Social Investment Consultancy
Ollie Pollard, Head of Enterprise Growth Funds, Resonance
Danyal Sattar, CEO, Big Issue Invest
Sarah MacFarlane, Senior Investor Relationships Manager, Big Society Capital

Listen as two UK social investment intermediaries and the main UK social investment wholesaler are questioned by Bonnie Chiu, Founder of the recently FCA endorsed impact consultancy The Social Investment Consultancy (TSIC). Discussed will be where social investment fits on the spectrum of capital and why it has such an important role in creating lasting societaland environmental change.

Big Society Capital, Resonance and Big Issue Invest are tackling some of societies biggest social issues, investing in social innovations and start-ups to make sustainable and long-term change in the UK. We ask what can professional advisors learn from these organisations when supporting their clients impact investment and philanthropic journeys? How can philanthropists and impact investors work collaboratively with these organisations? How do these organisations measure impact and mitigate risk?
Social Investment in The Spectrum of Capital
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