The Lifecycle of a Private Client

Maintaining And Enhancing Social Purpose Through Philanthropic and ESG/ Impact Investing During High Inflation and Stressful Economic Times

Chaired by Darren Kelland and joined by Rebecca Cretney, Investment Counsellor, Nedbank Private Wealth; Mark Greer, Managing Director, Philanthropy Services, Charities Aid Foundation and Catherine de Maid, Partner, Burges Salmon.

It is important for advisors to prepare for conversations with clients about their values, motivations, and ambitions, to understand what drives them, and how to support them in setting their investment priorities, therefore creating a sustainable investment strategy – an essential part of the life cycle of a private client. 

Although most professional advisory firms will already aim for this level of consumer care when dealing with traditional investment strategies, when it comes to discussions about ESG/Impact investing and philanthropic giving it can become substantially trickier. 

It is widely recognised that there is a new generation of client, driven by (but not exclusively) Millennials, Women of Wealth and Gen Z that want a more personalised approach.  These clients want to know that their wealth is doing better for society than harm and will fire inherited advisors if they do not meet their expectations. 

The shift the mindset of firms will be addressed as this mindset shift is a huge step in the right direction for clients, particularly those with an interest in purpose driven wealth strategies and sustainability. 

This session builds on the publication of Philanthropy Impact’s most recent magazine, The Life Cycle of a private client, looking at the new philanthropy and ESG/Impact investment lifecycle, the compounding returns of giving good advice including lessons from the younger generation, issues related to supporting clients on their lifecycle across the spectrum of capital.
The Lifecycle of a Private Client
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